Here, I will gradually list pre-Arqa work of mine for reference purposes. Speculah moves quickly, so wherever there is a conflict, Arqa (or what was otherwise written most recently) takes precedence. If you have any suggestions for what should be included here (my posts, my translations, Wiki articles penned all or mostly by me, etc.), please let me know -- what I personally think of as "worthwhile" is often very different from what others remember as such. 😝

New Theatrical Edition ("Rebuild of Evangelion") Analysis and Speculation

Adams, Children, and the Nature of the Cycle

Big thread that challenged the status quo that Kaworu's mysterious lines didn't have a straightforward explanation completely internal to NTE's narrative. Popularized the idea that the four Adams all survived Second Impact in some form and that their souls have been incarnated as Eva pilots.

Thrice Upon A Humanity: The Deep Lore of NTE

Nemesis Ra Kozo: Fuyutsuki's Possible Role in Shin

Both of these threads were unfortunately abandoned before I could finish them, but what's there is more than worth your time.

Third Impact (Tentative Reconstructed Timeline)

Eva 2.XX Storyboards vs. Final (lots of visual comparisons and translations)

Blood Staining the Moon (Scrapped Scene)

Princess Asuka & The Fairy Tales

About The New Nerv Logo (Much cooler than it sounds.)

You Never See Anything Just Once - NTE Edition (N.B. Only the opening post is mine, but whole thread is worth looking at.)

Private Conference Between Mari and Whom? (Mystery from original Q preview, solved.)

Will Asuka's Angel Contamination Play A Role In 3.0 + 1.0?

Sin & Purification / Nausicaa Parallels

Piano-Facilitated Homoeroticism at an Altitude of 10km: A Field Study (N.B.: If the title didn't tip you off, I was feeling a bit silly when I wrote this. Some useful observations, all the same.)

Neon Genesis Evangelion Analysis and Speculation

I have soooo much about NGE written on EvaGeeks that it almost feels better to not list anything at all than to provide such a pathetic selection... but, well... need to start somewhere.

Kaworu and SEELE / Gendo's Plans / Angel Rebirth

An Ark, A Tree, and a Big Red Room (Eva Cosmology)

Instrumentality 101 (N.B. Early exploration of the "Sea of LCL" and NGE's own creation myth.)

Trans* Allegories Within NGE plus follow-up (The mentioned fic can be found via my AO3 account.)

Circumstances of Kaworu's Creation

The Kaworu-Katsuragi Connection? (N.B. This thread was regrettably never finished. An overabundance of jeers at the time lead me to abandon any pretense of trying to convince people that Kaworu and Misato are related. I feel much more confident about it now; and this old idea of mine may be coming back in a very big way.)