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Last-Minute Pre-Release Rant 5

No spoilers in this post; I'll mention that they exist, but I won't hint at what any might be, as many people on the Internet who believe they're being clever might do. Don't worry. (If you do want spoilers, I'll be posting select ones -- mostly translations by yours truly -- on a dedicated Twitter feed, here.)

So by now, Shin Eva spoilers are out en force, and closed captions for the entire movie have even been leaked. It's quite a humbling experience, as I expected it to be. As the young'uns might say, "RIP everything". I'm pretty good-natured about it, though. Figuring out things beforehand from the clues provided is rewarding, of course, and there are some things I unambiguously did manage to get right, or at least got so close I can say "that was better than mere chance; good work, Reichu!", but at the same time, a lot of things I swore had to be wrong... are apparently true. And other things I desperately wished wouldn't have turned out a certain way... apparently did.

But it's Eva, after all. Everything is in the details. Careful observation and interpretation can make all the difference between, say, "Yui floats in space as a lonely statue for all eternity" and "Yui becomes an ark who takes the Angels and 2/3 of the Lilin to another planet to start up a new form of humanity". Like... there's no reason to get too hung up on what spoilers seem to be claiming; they're only providing the crudest possible outline of the film. The true form, as determined by the dedicated fan's own mind and heart, will emerge after spending some quality time with it and meditating extensively. It's not "anything goes", of course, but the real days of discovery haven't even begun yet.

I spent the final hours before the premiere getting as many ideas / predictions as possible out of my system. For old time's sake / ease of access (the Twitter posts aren't easy to read, especially on mobile), I'll collect those here. So just to be clear, all of these were written before I was exposed to a single spoiler. These are all completely safe.


Completely ran out of time, so I’ll just throw up whatever I can think of into a list.


For: @ArqaApocrypha (2021/3/7)

- NTE’s main story begins in the year 102015 or 402015. (First numeral is ambiguous. I’m leaning toward the latter because 4 is a big deal in these movies.)

- First Impact probably happened in 2015 (the meta is strong in NTE) and the following 400,000 years were how long it took Seele to shepherd Lilin into a state capable of carrying out their scenario.

- The number of conspiracies in NTE is probably much less than in NGE. You don’t need conspiracies when you can just overwhelm the masses with so much information they either can’t process it or it becomes boring to them. “I already know about the ancient bird people, Misato-san! We just had a pop quiz on their Silver Age yesterday. Why do they make us learn this crap? It doesn’t matter anymore! They’re all dead, who cares about them!” ;-)

- Shinji and Yui are two halves of Luvah. Shinji is the “soul” and Yui is the “will”, whatever that means. Alternatively, Shinji is the childish half, and Yui is the adult half. Yui is roughly analogous to Vala, the emanation of Luvah in Blake’s mythology.

- The Yui half was split out prior to First Impact by Adam, in a desperate attempt to keep his little baby from growing up and becoming psychologically independent. Unclear how this piece of Luvah made its way into Yui. *vague mumblings about being banished into the Lilin cycle of samsara long ago, and Yui was the most recent reincarnation*

- Shinji and Yui actually reintegrated at the end of Ha. For unknown reasons, Shinji later needed to be reconstructed and reembodied. The current Shinji is basically a replicator clone.

- Once Shinji has finished doing whatever he needs to do, he will became one with Luvah again. He’ll completely embrace the adult side of himself that has always been there and become a whole, fully aware person, no longer subject to the manipulations of others. Shinji as you know him will cease to be, but this won’t be a bad thing at all.


For: @ArqaApocrypha (2021/3/7)

- Basically everything I’ve been screaming into the void about Misato’s father (who I’ll call “Akira” for short, just to irritate people) all these years is not only true for NGE, but -- with slight modifications -- true for NTE as well.

- Run-down of basic NGE claims to start with:

  • The comparisons between Akira and Gendo are more than skin deep; Akira is “the proto-Gendo” in a very meaningful sense.

  • He’s the one who makes contact with Adam; his psyche is what triggers Second Impact.

  • Kaworu is his weird half-Adam pseudo-clone and thus Misato’s brother.

  • A Spear of Longinus (not “the” Spear, “a” Spear — Adam’s Spear, specifically) is used to bridge his soul and body to Adam’s.

  • Both Adam and Akira are altered by the experiment in some way (physically, metaphysically, or both); both of them die (at least physically) by the end of Second Impact.

  • Misato’s mother divorced Akira around the time his involvement with Gehirn began. (Misato would have been 12 or so.) Due to being an emotionally overdependent mess of a person, she felt the divorce was something she had to do, but she couldn’t handle the guilt of pushing away the sensitive man she still loved. She soon took her own life.

  • Akira, in his grief, opportunistically began to view the subject of his research as a way to undo his mistakes. He volunteered as the test subject for the upcoming contact experiment with Adam and he had Misato brought to the base so she could bear witness.

  • His plan was to restore Earth to Adam and turn the Lilin into Adam’s children. When Adam harvested the souls of the Lilin, the soul of his dead ex-wife would also be gathered, and she would be able to live again in the new world. In other words, he would be able to bring his family back together; transformation was a small price to pay.

  • Something of course went wrong during the procedure (sabotage, most likely) and he was ultimately forced to abandon it and give Misato to best possible chance of survival.

  • Akira’s intimate connection to / fusion with Adam, to the point of making a child with her that looks like him, adds thick layers of irony to Misato’s “quest for revenge” — an interesting subject for analysis, another time.

- So, just keep the above points in mind; I’ll return to them and modify them for NTE’s setting differences.

- In NTE, Akira is still a researcher with his own team who gets sent down to Antarctica to study a mysterious giant. This time, the base is directly over the South Pole, and the giant in question is not Adam, strictly speaking, but a fusion of Adam and three other gods (Luvah, Tharmas, Urizen). Roughly comparable to LIlith in EoE: she absorbs both Adam and Eva-01, and remains the “dominant” aspect of the fusion, and the fusion is simply called “Lilith”. Same thing here; the fused being is just called “Adam” even though this isn’t technically correct.

- Akira fulfills a special role, acting as the representative of all Lilin before the eyes of Seele. He’s the “King of the Lilin” prior to Gendo, in other words. (The Japanese equivalent, “Lilin no Ou”, interestingly does not have to refer to a male.)

- His “ceremonial name”, *as* King of the Lilin, is Nebuchadnezzar.


For: @ArqaApocrypha (2021/3/7)

- As Nebuchadnezzar, the “dream of Nebuchadnezzar” is of course his, and Kaji even references this. “Her father was engrossed in his research and his dream.” (Might get translation as “dreams” plural, but in Japanese it’s just yume, which doesn’t specify number.)

- The Biblical Nebuchadnezzar’s dream is adapted for NTE as follows: it’s a “vision” of how to break the Adam fusion apart. The statue represents the fusion with its four constituent parts, represented as metals. Adam is gold, Urizen is silver, Tharmas is bronze, and Luvah is iron. To topple or break the statue, a “foreign” element must be introduced into the most load-bearing part, the proverbial feet, which is Luvah. The “clay” in the dream is Lilith (or her core, anyway).

— The spears aren’t accounted for in the dream (at least, not yet) but presumably they are also really important.

- Seele desire to break the fusion apart so they can access the individual parts and proceed with their covenant. They lacked a solution to this particular problem, but fortunately Katsuragi devised one.

- In NTE, same as NGE, Misato’s mother went through a divorce and subsequently killed herself. Akira takes a deep personal stake in the reality-breaking potential of his research as a result.

- Unlike in NGE, the experiment does not merely involve a Lilin becoming “aligned” with Adam — it involves Lilith as well.

— So, this time around, Misato is not a mere spectator. There’s actually something for her to do.

- Akira’s intention might be to spiritually recreate Albion. (Luvah would be ejected on account of being a unique Albion derivative, but the Shadows might be forcefully reintegrated.) For whatever reason, Lilith’s body is not needed to accomplish what he seeks.

- Akira will use a spear to bridge himself to Adam, and Misato will use a spear to do the same with Lilith.

- Akira could not force Misato into participating; he had to convince her. If you remember that Kaworu is (so I claim) a pseudo-clone of Akira, and also that Misato and Shinji are strongly paralleled characters, you should maybe get a whiff of where this is going….

“Misato, we just have to use those spears on Adam, and we’ll be able to see Mom again.”


For: @ArqaApocrypha (2021/3/7)

- Misato wouldn’t have much reason to trust her father, of course, but the fact that he actually NEEDS her for something would be rather psychologically intoxicating. Plus, even the chance of seeing her mother again? Pretty out-there, but how can you say no to something like that?

Misato: “Sure, asshole, I’ll do whatever you need me to do.”

Dad: *devastatingly gentle smile*

- Prior the experiment, the spears exist in perfect balance. There are two Cassius, and two Longinus.

- One of the unique properties of the Cassius spears is the mysterious green “gem”. In actuality, this is a “core” designed for accommodating an organic life-form without altering it (you can enter and exit without fear of losing your body, in other words). It’s a cockpit, basically, used for temporarily binding a soul to a particular spear. For reasons unknown, only the Cassius spears have this technology pre-2I; the Longinus spears are completely red and have no core-like features at all.

- And so, Akira and Misato bind to their respective Cassius spear by entering these green cockpits. Akira goes into one, and Misato goes into the other.

- Under the research team’s careful supervision, various mysterious things begin to happen. (Second Impact is an extremely complicated event, so you can forgive me for not having the entire thing worked out yet.) Mega-Adam is split, Akira and Misato undergo their spiritual alignments with Adam and Lilith respectively, and whatever else.

- However! Things stop going smoothly at a certain point, and the 2I-4I parallels intensify.

- Our old pal Gendo was, just like before, a member of the research team who buggered off before the big day. Before he left, he did mysterious things to ensure that Second Impact would not go off as planned. Remember how Kaworu sat there and thought for a REALLY long time after he saw that Cassius had turned into a Longinus? He was trying to remember a suppressed Adam memory, about Gendo’s meddling with Second Impact. Eventually, he was successful: “I see now! You magnificent spear alchemist bastard, you did it again! I sure feel stupid, getting played by you mortals over and over again…”

- So what happened was, the Cassius Spear that Akira was using spontaneously turned into a Longinus Spear. (I have no idea why; it just did.) Interestingly, the green core-cockpit transformed into a similar structure, except… it was red now. (Akira’s spear would end up being the one that was badly damaged by the Impact and ultimately “pseudo-reconstructed” into Eva-05’s weapon. Notice the peculiar glowing red gem near the tip…)

- In the period of time before his team was able to get him out, Akira started to undergo a transmutation, which of course made him feel very ill and unable to provide assertive guidance to Misato. Similar to the transmutation Kaworu underwent in Q, this had no clearly visible effects, but altered the metaphysical nature of the subject in a way that ERROR ERROR NEED MORE DATA.


For: @ArqaApocrypha (2021/3/7)

- While the “how” is a huge blank, Akira probably underwent a transmutation that was the reverse of Kaworu’s. Instead of having his nature degraded and undergoing a “fall”, Akira’s makeup was fundamentally altered in such a way that he “ascended”. He absorbed some of Adam’s “divinity”, basically.

- Seeing that the procedure was not going as her father promised it would, Misato took advantage of his being indisposed and, while ignoring his meek protestations, she did something rash and stupid. (Probably yipping “Woo hoo, fuck you, Dad! :D” all the meanwhile.) Going by the “history repeats itself”, “destiny”, and other such motifs in NTE, this more than likely had something to do with Luvah, and helped produce the outcome where Luvah and not Adam became the bearer of Lilith’s core.

— Also, since we need Misato and Shinji to reconcile in Shin Eva, and for Misato to have a really heart-wrenching reason for being “mean” to Shinji: shit needs to go down such in a way that Misato can blame herself for what happened. “I did it, it’s all my fault, and nothing can ever make it better”. Second Impact being a massive shit show isn’t completely Misato’s fault, of course, and it’s definitely not her “fault” in the most important ways (she was a minor who was emotionally manipulated by her father into doing something REALLY NOT GOOD — end of story), but emotional reality is a bitch.

- Akira and Misato are able to escape while all hell breaks loose. As if things weren’t already weird enough: Akira’s cross seems to be much more important than it ever was in NGE, and there’s probably going to be a really good reason it was MIA in Q.

— Watch the 2I flashback very carefully, and notice how it’s mostly rendered in shades of red, except for the first shot, and then when Akira appears holding out his cross. There’s a golden aura around him (signifying that he possesses Adam’s “divinity”), and after he’s blown away, the “gold” is increasingly concentrated into his cross. VERY STRANGE. He’s also saying something to Misato (muted, but his mouth is moving) while he’s trying to get her to take the cross.

— This will sound absolutely ridiculous, but, on account of NTE pumping up the Quantum Magic fuckery to such ridiculous levels that magic circles can be incorporated into technology now, let me suggest that the cross is literally his soul. What I mean is, he used weird Nerv science to “entangle” his soul to the cross in the event that something should happen to him. So, he has been with Misato in a very real sense, even if she hasn’t been consciously aware for much of that time. A very Eva thing to do. What would be the point of this? I’ll (try to) explain, if I manage to get that far…

- Akira is blown away by the big boom. (It kind of looks like he gets torn in half, but it’s hard to say for certain. Wouldn’t be inappropriate, though, given what happens to Misato in EoE.) Contrary to what you would expect, this is NOT the end of him. Via a mechanism that remains entirely incomprehensible, his transmutation proceeds, and results in most of his body “burning off”, him losing his head (as is typical of weird Failed Human Evolutions), and nothing but a miniaturized nervous system being left behind.

- Yes! Dr. Katsuragi is Nebuchadnezzar, so the organic part of Nebuchadnezzar’s Key is him! Or… what’s left of the poor bastard, anyway.

— Here we see a manifestation of NTE’s “Nerv, Seele, Wille” theme. The Nebuchadnezzar specimen is Akira’s “Nerv”. The cross is his “Seele”. So then… what is his “Wille”? Can you guess? *smirk*

(Did the spoilers start yet? I don't know; I haven't been paying attention.)


For: @ArqaApocrypha (2021/3/7)

- Somewhere in that messy, busy procedure at the South Pole, there was a definite “transaction” between Akira and Adam. Akira, same as he does in NGE, contributes his genetic data, and Adam once again becomes, uh, pregnant. (A bit awkward since I call this Adam a “he”, but I’ve previously provided the disclaimer that this is just a language convention; this Adam is an androgyne, so getting pregnant while being a “Father Figure” creates no conflict.) Adam in turn confers some of his “divinity”, as mentioned. Alas, I don’t yet know what this actually is; NTE metaphysics are a mindfuck.

- Meantime, there’s a drama playing out between the four (five?? does Lilith’s core count?) giants. Most of what’s going on is still entirely unclear to me. But I have a couple of neat tidbits, all the same.

- Kaworu is a super guilty motherfucker in Q, so odds are pretty good that Adam is the source of (most of) Second Impact’s damage. The big explosion, the huge influx of LCL from Otherwhere, and so on. Both things can be explained by S2 engine (or equivalent) shenanigans, like in NGE, though what triggered said shenanigans… *shrug* I’ll just blame Gendo for now.

- While Luvah was doting over his mommy-core, or whatever baka thing he was doing, Tharmas and Urizen resumed their team-up from ancient times and set to work stopping Adam. They take a different approach this time, by splitting his body in two, and using their weird Infinity Overlapping powers to each contain a given half of Adam inside themselves.

— All of that head and neck mutilation between Eva-02 and Mark.09 was not merely for show — it was a hint! Urizen gets some of the Daddy Complex anger out of her system and symbolically castrates Adam by beheading him (blame psychoanalysis for that one). She merges with the head, sealing its power inside herself, and gains an additional two eyes plus a sort of “ultra-Adam” physique out of the deal. Nice! Fuck you, Dad!!

— Tharmas seals Adam’s headless body into herself. This results in the bizarre state of affairs wherein she has a Lilith-style head and neck, but a more traditionally Eva-like body. This also means that Tharmas starts off as NTE’s version of a “Lilith clone” and ends up becoming a weird Lilith/Adam hybrid being. NTE really loves doing that “X just being Y is nice and all, but what if, instead of that, X were two or more seemingly contradictory things at once?!?” thing and it makes my brain hurt.

— Since Tharmas overlaps with Adam’s body, this means that she “inherits” the pregnancy. So that imagery on the Moon, where we see Mark.06 lying there with legs splayed, and a trail of blood running from Mark.06 to the line-up of coffins… This hints at Kaworu’s birth. The coffins might represent eggs (Angels hatched from eggs in NGE, and while that can’t be confirmed for NTE, they are still identified with egg imagery). There being nine of them is a meta reference to the dummy plugs of the MP Evas, and it’s also referencing the number of eyes on Mark.06’s mask. Nine is the “complete” number of God.

— So to be clear: Mark.06 gave birth to a clutch of nine Kaworu eggs. Also, since Mari is Mark.06, this also means that Mari is Kaworu’s mom. You’re welcome.


For: @ArqaApocrypha (2021/3/7)

- WHAM realization: If Mark.06 has one part of Adam’s body, and Eva 13 has the other part, this means that Albion is almost completely reconstituted within Eva 13 after it devours the Lilith/Mk.06/12th Angel fusion. Adam’s body? Check. Lilith’s body? Check. Adam’s soul? Check. The most important thing that’s missing is Lilith’s soul, and Mark.09 is on that. (This does assume that Seele don’t especially care about Adam and Lilith’s “shadow” elements; I have wondered if Seele and Gendo have subtly different ideas of what the True Evangelion should be, with Gendo’s vision erring more toward “don’t leave anybody out”. Very complex and confusing stuff.)

- This also means that Nebby’s Key was partly a red herring, in that the movies let us convince ourselves that it’s Adam’s degenerated body, but actually Adam’s body was never destroyed, just divided and “sealed”. However, Nebby does remain analogous to the Adam embryo in other ways, for example by being a specimen that Seele do not strictly need for their plans, but which is invaluable for Gendo.

- Akira, on account of getting caught in Gendo’s snare, undergoes the most profound alterations to his being. However, Misato does not escape Second Impact entirely unscathed. She’s still normal enough to camouflage among Lilin without issue, but she probably still falls on the “demihuman” side of things. There are various subtle hints in the first three movies to this effect, which I can go over another time.

— Also, before you start going “BAWWWW, NOT MISATO TOO! THESE MOVIES SUCK! YOU SUCK, REICHU!”, do keep in mind that Misato no longer being 100% Lilin provides an actual real explanation for how the fuck she survives Second Impact. This was always just sort of “I dunno lol; she just did” in NGE. Let’s face it, that little capsule is just not going to do much against world-transforming forces and an explosion powerful enough to blast shit to the Moon. If her constitution is inherently sturdier than a normal person’s, though… well, that changes everything.

- Misato’s memory gets selectively wiped after she’s recovered from Antarctica. Just like Shinji, though, the proper visual stimulus brings the suppressed memories back out. In Shinji’s case, it was the control system rack used in Yui’s experiment. In Misato’s case, it’s the wings of light that Eva-01 manifests at N3I, which are visually similar to the radiant giants at Second Impact. Misato’s recall process may have been drawn-out, first triggered in a more subtle way by Eva-01’s halo manifestation, explaining her abrupt and irrational reactions to what’s happening in front of her. (In effect, she starts shouting at Shinji in Eva-01 because the angry “FUCK YOU, DAD!” teenage part of her that acted brashly during Second Impact is “leaking out”, without her having the slightest idea that it’s happening.)

- Speaking of Eva-01, here we can also see the Nerv/Seele/Wille thing I mentioned earlier. Eva-01 (i.e. the body) is the “Nerv”, Shinji is the “Seele”, Yui is the “Wille”.

— And lest you think I’m getting this “will” thing from nowhere, there’s actually a cut line from Kaji in 2.0 that was previously COMPLETELY INEXPLICABLE, where, immediately after Gendo calls out Yui inside Eva-01, Kaji says that Eva-01 has a human heart and Shinji-kun’s will. This makes absolutely no sense (even taking into account the “cut” part) unless Yui is Shinji’s “will”. This led me to remember the existence of Emanations in Blake’s mythology, and things fell into place from there.

- And here, let me return to the topic of what Dr. Katsuragi’s “will” is:

It’s the humanoid entity at the center of the 8th Angel.

The other parts of the 8th Angel are his team.

- And on that note: Second Impact didn’t completely fail at what Akira set out to do. What do I mean? Well…

Misato’s mom came back to life, in a way. But she came back… kind of wrong.

She’s the 10th Angel. (Major kudos to UrsusArctos for this incredible idea.)


For: @ArqaApocrypha (2021/3/7)

- Detailed breakdown on the “MISATO’S PARENTS ARE ANGELS!!!” stuff can come a bit later; for now, some quick points.

— Though incidentally, shit like Misato’s parents being turned into Angels is exactly why people should have taken the suspicious omission of Angel names much more seriously. The old names were not re-used because these Angels are completely different beings, with completely different origins and motivations; and their true names, it turns out, are HELLUVA spoilers. The fandom’s insistence on avoiding the numbers (bad move; they contain lots of subtle hints) and using familiar but incorrect names only served to obfuscate the truth. Sometimes Anno doesn’t even need to give fans rope to hang themselves with; they just do it anyway.

- 8th Angel had internalized one of the Longinus spears into its body (splitting it into two halves) and collected the souls of those who died in Second Impact. Misato’s Angel-Dad was seeking salvation, trying to deliver the souls of those dead because of him to Lilith for rebirth. Eva-01 got in the way, and due to her connection to Lilith, she was good enough. Akira and Yui had weird on-screen guro sex; he thrust his full load of souls into her. It’s kind of hot when you know what’s really happened. After that, he could die in peace, like an insect imago that had successfully mated.

- 10th Angel (Misato’s mom) was somehow cooperating with her ex-husband, and intended to finish what he started by resurrecting Lilith using her own body. In this way, the souls of the dead could rise again, and maybe she could be reunited with her family as not-a-mummy-spider-snake-monster, who knows. Had Eva-01 not reactivated, she would have probably devoured Eva-01 in order to obtain the payload of souls Akira transferred into Yui.

- In the shot right after the giant core-Rei merges into Eva-01, particles of light are visible hovering over Tokyo-3, and these vanish when the second set of Gates appears above them. What’s happening here is that Eva-01 has released the payload from the 8th Angel into the “top side” of her Gates, so that they can be transferred to Lilith’s Chamber of Guf (the original intended destination) the moment the merger happens.

- Following along with all the weird shit I’ve said, then, this conveniently gives us THREE demographics of souls that are waiting to be reborn in Shin Eva. (Thrice, and all…) (1) The victims of Second Impact, quietly accounted for in Ha. (2) The victims of Third Impact, absorbed into the coreified Earth’s surface, some of them constituted as mutated Failures of Infinity. (3) The victims of First Impact, trapped inside the Black Moon’s somewhat less deformed, Eva-01-looking Failures of Infinity. First, Second, Third? Very nice…!


For: @ArqaApocrypha (2021/3/7)

- Mysterious “Marduk Project” mentioned by Kaji refers collectively to the “crossover” experiments done by Nerv, involving pilots, Evas, and whatever else. The pilots are a result of the project, and this recontextualizes the “Marduk Reports”. Eva-05 and the Third Angel are also said to be part of the project that’s ongoing at Bethany Base…

- Long story short, Nerv have been doing a lot of weird Eva-Angel hybrid experiments. Consulting halo designs has been very educational, and revealed a recurring “Corrupted Eva” pattern. Eva-05 seems to have been fundamentally based upon the biomass the 5th Angel left behind, and it’s possible that the biomass stripped off the Third Angel has been put to use, incrementally bulking Eva-05 up and progressively replacing its robotic parts with organic, Angel-derived ones. It being Angel-based, and even partly made from the Third Angel itself, helps explain why the Third Angel refused to attack the unit’s main body; the Angel tried to avoid engagement altogether and, when pressed, went exclusively for the prostheses. Eva-05 was seen as “self”.

- Eva-02 never shows a halo, but a pattern that resembles the corrupted Eva halo design is one of the spirals of data that wraps the entry plug when beast mode is activated. Eva-02’s ability to use beast mode feels like it could well be the result of Angel-related experimentations unique to Eva-02.

- Eva-03 seems to contain the 9th Angel from the start. Unclear exactly what the 9th Angel is, given “Angel” is hard to precisely define for NTE. Strong possibility that the Angel is — SOMEHOW — Urizen’s “Emanation”, as it were. Sort of like how what became Yui was split off Luvah long ago, what became the 9th Angel — going by Blake, we’d call it Ahania — also split off Urizen long ago. The activation of Eva-03 results in Urizen’s soul (= Asuka) and Ahania reintegrating.

— There is a lot of weird shit going on here, including the possibility of an aborted attempt by Urizen to REPRODUCE, which she attempts to resume by fusing with Luvah (Eva-01) and trying to force him to open his Gates of Guf (note the appearance of the ATF around Eva-01’s neck…). Lots of ancient drama playing out in that scene, including Urizen and Adam’s troubled relationship. Hope to cover this in detail at some point, it’s fascinating.


For: @ArqaApocrypha (2021/3/7)

- Gendo is not the “True King”, he’s a usurper. Misato is the true successor, and this underlies her personal motivations for fighting him. Stealing Eva-01 and keeping “Princess Shinji” away from the cockpit is, in part, an attempt to get back at Gendo for stealing her birthright. (Gendo’s possession of her father’s body is part of this thievery.) Gendo and Misato are the “king” shogi pieces on account of being the two feuding “royals”.

- The central entity of the 8th Angel, despite performing a “male” role in its interaction with Eva-01 (penetrating her and “ejaculating” souls into her), has intersex genitalia incorporated into its design. (Neck and head are the penis, pectorals are the scrotum, and behind the scrotum… there is a vaginal slit with labia flanking it.) This implants the tantalizing suggestion that perhaps Misato’s father was an intersex man.

— Not as strange as it might initially sound. An individual who is both male and female would be a more ideal Lilin representative than someone who is binary. (And remember… “Lilin no Ou” doesn’t need to be a male.) Being intersex, he would also intrinsically be closer to a divine status.

- It’s extremely likely that Gendo will merge with Nebuchadnezzar using the key. What does he gain from this? Firstly, the “divine” attributes condensed within it, naturally. These are alluded to when the Key is unveiled in Ha. But furthermore, merging with Akira would completely legitimize Gendo’s “kingship”. He is a usurper; he stole the throne through scheming, trickery, and mind-wiping the true heiress. But if he becomes one with the true king, the near-divine androgyne Nebuchadnezzar himself, what can Misato do? Absolutely nothing!

— Aside: If Akira is Nebuchadnezzar, then Gendo could be, somewhat jokingly, “Nebuchadnezzar II”. There are more interesting possibilities but there is much research to be done.


For: @ArqaApocrypha (2021/3/7)

- Misato’s demihuman status and weird connection to Lilith (obtained at Second Impact) is the key to the Wunder crew being able to use the ship in “combat mode”. Ritsuko knows all about this and keeps it on the down-low. Why the crew doesn’t suspect anything, even though the whole setup is suspicious as FUCK… I dunno lol.

- Midori has a Meaningful Name and is someone who survived Third Impact in the same kind of traumatic way that Misato survived Second. Her eyes were originally green, and maybe her hair was originally a reasonable color, but she was a lucky (or not-so-lucky) kid who got “tainted” by the L Barrier or something, and permanently altered. The result is that part of her is always “in the spirit world”, and with her purple eyes she can see dead people or something. Her whiny, lazy, carefree attitude is 100% a psychological defense mechanism that helps distract her from how utterly fucked her situation is.

- Midori looks up to and respects Captain Katsuragi. The reveal that Misato actually caused (at least partially) Second Impact and deeply sympathizes with Shinji, to the point that she projects her own guilt onto him and will try to seek salvation through him, is going to fuck Midori up bad and instigate her to VIOLENCE. Nothing too bad, but still.

- Fuyutsuki is the reincarnation of the ancient Anunnaki bird-person Sin. He will remake Seele in his own image, betray Gendo, enslave Eva 13, and get Rei 6 to act as his personal “sextant” (if you get the joke).

- Eva 8+2’s Beast Mode will be a bird of prey.

- Asuka and Mari will “die” fighting Eva 13 and get absorbed into it.

- Misato will help Shinji out by ‘piloting’ the Spear of Cassius once more.



It was a fun ride! Big shout-out to the Postdiluvian Apkallu and also to everyone who followed along! Decoding Shin Eva when it finally reaches my grubby meathooks will be a blast, and I can't wait.

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