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Eva:3.0+1.0 Dialogue Translation

Updated: Jun 16, 2021




NOTE: I am no longer updating this blog post with new content. Links are provided below that will redirect you to where the content now exists. If you're confused by the jargon, the combination of "Closed Captions" and "Audio Description" furnishes something that passingly resembles a script -- dialogue plus description -- while not technically being a script.

Part 1-A

Part 1-B Part 2-A Part 2-B

Part 3 Part 4


Old Anchors:

1300: Cross Your Heart

1320: The Gates of Hell

1340: The Gebet

1350: Code 999

1390: Shikinami Type

1400: Mark.09A

1420: The Stage is Set

1430: Showdown on the Bow Deck

1450: Commodification of Life

1470: Children of God

1490: The Theosis of Gendo

1510: The Sorrow of Suzuhara Sakura

1560: Mother and Son

1580: Entering Negative Space

1610: Zero vs. Infinity / Return of Cassius

1630: Golgotha Object / The Promised Land

1650: The Tuning Begins

1680: Evas of Despair and Hope

1700: Additional Impact

1710: Making a New Spear

1737: Evangelion Imaginary

1770: Mary Iscariot

1860: World of Serenity

1880: Like Father, Like Son

2049: Commander Nagisa and Ryo-chan

2060: The Neon Genesis

2080: Goodbye, All Evangelions


The translation effort for the "camrip fansubbing" scene is already taken care of, but, me being me, I find it to my benefit to crawl through the parts of the script of greatest relevance to Reichu-like subject areas. Basically, those places where it's likely that every word matters and there are going to be nuances I won't be aware of if I rely upon someone else's translation exclusively. (And at the current rate, I'll probably do the entire thing, just for the sake of doing it.) My Japanese is, of course, far from fluent, and I have no one but myself to blame; but when I consider the alternative, which is being completely helpless and having no ability whatsoever to interact with the original language... just yikes. I'll take sub-fluency over that.

Anyway. I'm using as my basis some rather illicitly obtained Japanese closed captions; the number ranges reference the PNG files in the original compressed archive that's floating around. (Khara have been most displeased with the leak, so I'm not going to provide any more than isolated Japanese lines here as needed. Gomen.) I'm not translating from the script in any particular order, so expect a lot of random gaps. My spoilers-only Twitter feed, @ArqaZone, is where I will be posting new translations first, and they will gradually find their way into this blog post.

Since I'm working from closed captions, have not seen the film, and there is no full camrip yet available to filthy gaikokujin like me, guessing the context necessary to render something into English and labeling who says what often requires guesswork. So, if I'm ever wrong to a humorous or infuriating degree, that's why. Many thanks to mdonzell on Twitter for helping to minimize these instances!


Free to use for individual personal use (including casual discussion). Providing credit is greatly appreciated, as I'm a little-known blog. Please ask before incorporating into fansubs or anything of a mass distribution nature.





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