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Eva:3.0+1.0 Translation Pt.4

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Pilot of Eva-01.

There's something I want to show you.


A pitch-black giant is nailed to a cross.

There are two round eye holes in the white mask.)


It's... a black Lilith?

[01:52:59, 1739]


That's how it appears in your memory, it seems.

Evangelion Imaginary.

Predicted by Dr. Katsuragi, it is a fictitious Eva that doesn't exist in the lower world.

Only humanity, an organism that believes in truth and fiction equally, is capable of perceiving it.

[NOTE: "lower world" = 現世 = Buddhist concept; investigate further.]

(In front of the black giant, the two spears fly past each other.)


Together, the spears of hope and despair will become trigger and sacrifice.

Fiction and reality will melt together, becoming equal as everything is reduced to data.


(The entangled spears impale the giant's chest.

It turns pure white, and its hands pass through the nails that were holding them down.)


And thus an Additional Impact that rewrites one's Gnosis

— that is, the world — will begin.

[NOTE: "Gnosis" is a nerd translation of 認識 (ninshiki). This pedantry is intended in the same vein as Dan Kanemitsu translating 理 (kotowari) as "Logos". Have I succeeded at anything aside from confusing people, including myself? Dunno.]

(Eva Imaginary tumbles down.

Large amounts of fluid gush out from beneath the giant's feet,

and its upper body collapses into the swelling waves.

Shinji, standing stock-still, stares fixedly.)


It's the only way to make my wish come true.


[01:53:59, 1753]

(Airspace where Wunder and Nerv warships are hovering.

From the horizon line of the Gates of Guf, Lilith's white mask rises up like a full moon.

When about half of [Eva Imaginary] has come into view, the mask comes off, exposing the face of a giant Rei.

She opens eyes resembling light brown marbles wide, and pale blue hair ???s.)

Kitakami (?):

This is the Additional Impact?


Yes. In all likelihood, that is the Eva Imaginary.

Hard to believe that it's real.


It's weird!

[01:54:29, 1761]

(A wide-eyed Kitakami.

Rei's eye stares back.)


Nothing could be weirder!

(The eye blinks.)

{Shattering sound}

(A giant explosion fills the space, and a shining golden world comes into view.)


(The surface.

Golden light suddenly shines in from beyond the horizon.DRAFTJS_BLOCK_KEY:9b2ld

When the floating, headless Infinities are showered with the light, they turn into pure white Rei bodies.)

[01:54:53, 1765]

(A marching swarm of Infinities, too, turns into headless Reis and keeps walking.

Their white bodies completely cover the red earth.

They rise into the sky like a swelling cloud.)


(Nerv warship. Fuyutsuki is looking outside.)


Mmm. So it's starting at last.

(Feet approaching behind him.)


There you are.


It's been a while, Fuyutsuki-sensei.

[01:55:31, 1771]


Say... Isn't the L Barrier density too high on this ship?



It inherently lacks crew specifications.

I know it's futile.

People are constantly being filled with a light called "hope".

But it is also human nature to hold onto the sickness of hope,

and drown in it.

Both Ikari and I cling to that sickness far too tightly.

[NOTE: Hmm... Shinji is a "god of pestilence", Eva-01 is the "[Eva] unit of hope", hope is a "sickness"... What does Anno mean by this.]

[01:55:56, 1783]


Gendo-kun is trying to make his wish come true...

by putting himself at the center of Instrumentality.

I'd like to help out...

No. I have a request.

I do understand how you feel, Fuyutsuki-sensei,

but I don't want all humankind to be involved.


So it seems.

My role ends here.

The things you wanted have been gathered.

Handle the rest as you see fit,

(The monitor turns off.)


Mary Iscariot-kun.

[NOTE: The Japanese is "Ischariothe no Maria-kun" (イスカリオテのマリア君). "Maria" is how the Biblical name "Mary" is rendered in Japanese (and other languages, too, like Spanish). "Ischariothe no Juda" is how "Judas Iscariot" would be rendered. So I've naturalized it completely into the standard English forms used for the Bible.]



I haven't heard that name in a long time.

[01:56:29, 1801]


Well, this is goodbye, then.

(Fuyutsuki, left behind in the dark ship interior, gazes at a photo of Yui holding an infant.)


Yui-kun... will this suffice?

(His head bursts and LCL scatters.)


(The earth's surface, wrapped in white by the swarms of headless Reis.

The Rei bodies -- joined hand to hand high in the sky -- fly about in multiple circles.

The head of the Rei-shaped Eva Imaginary comes rising up from the horizon.)

*** [01:57:01, 1805]

{Sound of chains falling}

(Sparks flying and chains tumbling down into a hole.

From the operations block -- where a massive apparatus is being put worked on --,

a giant stretch of spinal column is put through the hole and dragged on down.)

[NOTE: This sounds dodgy and I can't even imagine what's supposed to be going on here. For the transcript, I have 「大型の機械が稼働する作業ブロックから 巨大な脊椎の連なりが 穴を通してずるずると下される」. Hear the audio also.]


It worked.

We can do this!


Captain, the crew here can handle the rest.



All hands, abandon ship.

{Warning sound}

(Sakura and other crew rush a stretcher through a corridor.)

Aoba (speakers):

All hands, abandon ship!

Repeat: all hands, abandon ship!

[01:57:31, 1811]

Aoba(?) (speakers):

Prioritize accommodating the wounded!

Hurry to the escape capsules!


(Above the Nerv warship.

(Guessing wildly where most stills in this scene go.)

Marks.10, 11, and 12 surround Eva-08+09.)


The full line-up of Eva Opfer Types,

a.k.a. the Adams' Vessels.

(Mark.10 opens up its mask.)


Just the finesse you'd expect from Fuyutsuki-sensei.

(A fireball comes flying.)


Sorry, but I need you guys...

(Cutting through the sky,

Eva-08+09 does a flying kick to the second fireball.

It punches Mark.10 in the face.

While grappling with Mark.10, it drops.)


...to become vittles for the overlapping.

Like so!

[01:58:01, 1825]

(When it bares its teeth, it throws its head far back and bites into Mark.10's head.)


Now we're 08+09+10!

(Mark.11 approaches in the background.

Eva-08+09+10 suddenly holds its hand up over its head.)




(A powerful A.T. Field is generated that expands three-dimensionally.

It transforms into a giant beast.

The jaws pop open and it devours the top half of Mark.11.)



(Mark.10 drops with a thud nearby.)

[NOTE: No, that's not a mistake, the narrator really does say「 傍らでMark.10がバッタリと倒れる」. Why are Mark.10's uneaten remains dropping when you'd expect 11's to be doing that? I dunno.]

(Three halos manifest from Eva-08+09+10+11's back.

Mark.12 shrinks away.)

[01:58:30, 1833]


Alright, let's go for the last one!


(Inside Wunder.)


Closing hatches on first four escape capsules.

Those still on board, please hurry to capsule 5!

(Nagara inside a capsule. She contacts the secured lock.)


I'm going back to my post after all.


Surviving is our job now.

No matter how tough it gets.



Misato from behind, standing alone.)

Ritsuko (comms):

Captain, the rearrangement work is complete.

I think this should do the trick.

[01:59:00, 1841]



Reroute all steering systems to the captain's chair.

After that, hurry and leave the ship.




Misato (comms):

Somebody sure as hell has to do this.



And the person in charge of this ship is me.

(She takes off her sunglasses.)


Misato (comms):

I leave the survivors and the children in your hands, Ritsuko.


Understood, Misato.

I'll give it my best.



Thank you.


[01:59:29, 1849]

(The same pattern as the sealing pillars appears on the capsules.

The boosters ignite.

The five capsules protruding from the center of the hull shoot up one by one, and they leave the ship behind.

Wunder sees the five white streaks off. The capsules become tiny specks and vanish far in the distance.)


(Misato, with the photo of her son beside her.)


There's not much reserve electromagnetic force left.


that in the end we'd be relying on...

(She frees up the hair on the back of her head.)


...the reaction engine from long ago.


(She removes the cover and pushes the switch.

The main nozzles spew flame.

(This might not go here...)

While emitting pinkish light, Wunder takes off.)

(A silhouette resembling a bird with its wings spread drifts into the distance.)


(Above the Gates of Guf, Mari's Eva emits light.

The Nerv warships are engulfed in massive explosions.

All three ships go down.)

[02:00:32, 1853]


The Lilin won't use you guys anymore.

Sleep well, Adams.

(She gazes into the distance.)


The Wunder's started moving.

Guess I'll hurry and join up.

But still...

Humanity's physical and mental complementation,

(Giant Rei is below her.)


being invoked at the same time...

Gendo-kun, are you really doing this?

[NOTE: She just says 「ゲンドウ君 君は…」, so everything after the "you" is implied.]

*** (He is!)


Father, what do you want from this?

[02:00:56, 1860]


A world of the human mind, where there is no A.T. Field, and all things exist in harmonious unity...

a world you did not choose.

Without differences between people.

Without class disparity, discrimination, strife, cruelty, pain, or sorrow.

A world comprised entirely of cleansed souls.

And a world of serenity where I will meet Yui again.


(Inside Gendo's mind.)


<Yui... Yui... Yui... Yui!>

(At college, a hotel, the hospital, etc., there are the figures of plugsuit-clad girls.)


<Yui! Yui, where are you?

Where are you, Yui?!>

[02:01:30, 1869]


<Is there nothing but Rei here?

Where are you? Where can I find you, Yui?!>



Father, just stop already.



Why are you here, Shinji?


Because I want to know you, Father.

I never tried to get closer, even when I felt lonely.

I was scared to find out you really hated me.

But now I want to know.

About you, Father.

[NOTE: Not 100% on 「嫌われているのが はっきりするのが怖かったんだ」. What I put down makes sense in context, at least.]

[02:02:01, 1877]

(Shinji approaches.

A rainbow-colored barrier appears before Gendo.)


An A.T. Field.

Coming from the me who abandoned his humanity?

[NOTE: Verb here is implied. (発生される? 展開される? I dunno.) Japanese is just 「A.T.フィールド 人を捨てた この私に?」.]


This me can't be afraid of Shinji,

can he?


I should have given this to you instead of throwing it out.

(He breaks through the barrier and holds out the music player.)


(A running train, bathed in the evening sun.

Just father and son, sitting across from each other inside the train.)

[02:02:31, 1881]


You were the same as me, Father.


Yes, it's true.

(Stills for this sequence placed tentatively.)


The headphones let me sever myself from the outside world.

As I feigned apathy, they shielded me from the noise of others.

(SDAT playing music.)


<But then I met Yui, and I no longer needed them.>

(It shuts off.)


(Inside his mind.)

Yui's Voice:

Did you pick the names?

Gendo's Voice:

If it's a boy, "Shinji".

If it's a girl, "Rei".

[02:03:00, 1891]

Yui's Voice:

Shinji... Rei... *laughs*

(Newborn's First Cry)

(An industrial complex looking out on the ocean.

Clustered smokestacks tower in the blue sky.

The player starts up again.)


<I don't know parental love, yet I'm a parent myself.

In the end, this world is unstable, imperfect, and irrational.>

(Scenery rushing by.)


<The system doesn't work if you take what others say at face value.

People say one thing now and another thing later.>

(The train abruptly changes direction.)

[02:03:28, 1898]


<You don't know when it's the truth and when you should go along with it.>

[NOTE: Been having trouble pinning the second part down. (I suck.) Original is, 「どっちが本当でどっちに合わせていいのか分からない」.]


<Perhaps both are true for someone,

and their feelings simply change in the moment.>

(Inside his mind.)


<I was scared of connecting with people.

I hated the world, overflowing with people.

From a young age, solitude was my norm.

So, I never felt lonely.

But there are people in the world who don't approve of that.>

[02:03:55, 1907]


<I disliked going to others' homes.

I despised being brought to the households of my boring classmates and their families,

forced to learn about their lives and how they lived them.

Being with others was agony.

The fact is, I always wanted to be alone.>


<There are two things I've liked since my childhood.

One of those is knowledge.

I satiated my hungry mind with the unilateral procurement of knowledge.

With knowledge, there's nothing to worry about.

As long as you have time,

you can furnish yourself with as much as you please.>

[02:04:31, 1917]


<The other thing is the piano.

A tuned sound returns the correct notes on the keys.

There are no lies in it.

There's no betrayal. No disappointment.

I'm quietly transformed into a stream of sound.>


<I liked that system.

I relished my solitude.

Neither I nor anybody else got hurt.

Being alone was comfortable.

But then I met Yui and...>

[02:05:01, 1924]


<I came to realize that I enjoyed living.

Only Yui accepted me for who I was.

When I lost her, I...

I no longer had the confidence to live on my own.>

(Insert: Human Instrumentality Project document.)


<For the first time, I understood the pain of loneliness.

I couldn't bear losing her.>

[02:05:29, 1930]


<I wanted only to cry upon Yui's chest...

To change myself by Yui's side...

To make those wishes come true.>

(Train interior.)


So my weakness is why I won't get to see Yui.


(Young Shinji.)


I think it's because you don't admit you're weak.

(The Shinji of today and Gendo as a boy.)

[02:05:59, 1936]


You knew it all along, right, Father?


(Present-day Gendo looks up.)


What was that?


It must be Misato-san.


(Inside Wunder.)



(Misato grits her teeth.

Wunder's flight path is obstructed by a wall.

The wall is actually a giant hand.

Rei's face can be glimpsed further in. Wunder is taking the shock.)


(The ship's bow is smashed.)



Just a little more!

(Wunder, wings spread, slowly ???s. [Audio] Both of Rei's hands, floating and nonexistent below the wrists, are pushed in front of her face.

Misato turns a switch.)



[02:06:34, 1944]

(Three stretches of spine rotate like screws being turned. When they ooze[??] out of the ship, their form changes to a spear with a glow. Gendo looks up from a window.)

[NOTE: Second sentence seems to be 「船の外に流れ出ると、輝きとともに槍に姿を変える」 (audio link.). I'm not sure if this is right, since jumping from the sections of "spine" revolving inside the ship to them somehow seeping or oozing to reveal a spear is a bit @_@. But it's Eva, and Eva is weird, so who am I to question it, really?]



All of the "Holy Spears" are gone.

A new spear for rewriting the world shouldn't be possible.


(Mari in her Eva.)


The God-given spears were Cassius, the Spear of Hope, and Longinus, the Spear of Despair.

Even though they were lost, there's now a spear made from the willpower to restore the world to how it was:


[02:07:05, 1950]

(She looks at her monitor.)


No -- the Spear of Wille.

(Its image is displayed.)


Humanity, possessing wisdom and volition, got this far without God's help, Yui-san.

(Wunder continues to undergo intense jet propulsion.)

↑ [I wonder when the "golden world" turned blue? The AD doesn't mention this at all.]

(Accompanied by Mari's Eva, clinging to the rear, it steadily presses down on Rei's palm.

When it pierces her hand, Rei's face draws near, and the bow hits her eye.)

[02:07:30, 1953]


I've got you!

[NOTE: Original is 「取りついた!」. Not sure if I rendered it correctly.]

(It continues to contact the unblinking eye on a perpendicular.

Inside the bridge, sparks scatter.)


Mari! Get Shinji-kun!


Of course!

Mari (comms):

I'll bring him back for sure!


I'm counting on you. *grunt*

(Misato presses a bright red switch. The locking device disengages,

and the Spear of Gaius detaches from the bottom of the ship

-- where it was suspended -- and starts shooting forward. The spear, giving Mari a lift in back, breaks through the eye.)

{Smashing sound}

[02:07:58, 1959]

(It drops down while revolving slowly.)


So the new spear arrives without me seeing Yui.


(Surface of the eye. Wunder's engine stops.)


This was all your mom could do for you.

I'm sorry, Ryoji.

(Maybe this goes here?)

(The front of the bridge is engulfed in a huge explosion.

The flames envelop Misato,

and Wunder is swallowed up in a ball of fire.)


(Inside the train.)

Shinji joins his hands together as though praying. A tiny spear is rotating within his opened hands.)

[02:08:30, 1964]


Thank you, Misato-san.


Accepting someone else's death and desires...

You've grown up, Shinji.

(He remembers a very young Shinji.)


<I didn't understand until the bitter end whether Shinji was required for Yui's reconstitution or not.

With the fulfillment of my hopes comes my karma.

My own child felt like a punishment.>



<I was convinced that not seeing or being involved with him was my atonement.

I believed that it was better for him, too.>


(Gendo, stopped with his back turned, looks over his shoulder at child Shinji.

The image of Yui holding a baby enters his thoughts.)

{Train departure bell (start)}

(Gendo passes through an automated ticket gate.

He returns to Shinji, who he'd abandoned on the platform.

Kneeling, he tightly embraces the little body.)

{Train departure bell (end)}



Forgive me, Shinji.


I see...

(Inside the train.)


So that's where you were, Yui.

(A shadowy figure is in front [of him].)

{Sound of [SDAT] stopping}

(He is standing with a smile on his face.

Gendo gets off the train, holding the stopped player.

His back-turned figure, shoulders stooped, is left behind on the platform.)


(Kaworu and Shinji inside the train.)


Ikari Gendo...

He is the center of Instrumentality this time.

The source of the rings.↓↓

I'll take over from here.

[02:10:03, 1980]


Ikari Shinji-kun.

What is it you wish for?

[NOTE: Not sure if this qualifies as a callback to NGE. Kaworu says 「何を望むんだい?」 (Nani o nozondai?) rather than a variation on 「なにを願うの?」 (Nani o negau no?) -- different verb.]


I'm fine.

I don't mind if things are painful or difficult.

I want to help Asuka and everyone else instead of myself.

[NOTE: Not 100% on the third sentence. Original is 「僕よりもアスカやみんなを助けたい」.]

{Piano playing}


Indeed so.

You had picked yourself up already,

(He's in front of the piano.)


in reality and not in the imaginary.



I want to settle the score for what Father has done.




(She wakes up inside an LCL capsule.)

[02:10:31, 1989]


I don't know Papa.

Mama's not here either.

(In bed.)


So you don't need anybody,


(After addressing her puppet, Asuka reminisces about being younger.)


<I have to be okay with no one being around.

Because it's painful if I don't do that.

Because life is pain.>

(Euro Nerv.

Asuka glares at the monitor of the simulation in progress.)

[02:10:56, 1994]


<I'll pilot the Eva.>

(The timer starts its countdown.

She overwhelms her opponents with acrobatic movements.

Asuka pulls a trigger.

She takes down the enemies that rush her, one after the next.

She continues to look forward with an earnest gaze.)


<Even if people hate me, even if they bad-mouth me...

Once I can pilot the Eva, it won't matter.

Because that's all I'm worth.>

(She runs alone in the snow.)

[02:11:29, 1998]


<I don't need anyone.

I have a strong body and mind.

So praise me! Notice me!

Give me somewhere I belong!

I really am lonely.>

(Asuka as a child watching the Ikari family get out of a car.)



(Yui is next to Gendo, holding Shinji.)





(Asuka's eyes narrow in jealousy and loathing.)


<All I really want is a pat on the head.>

(Under a wintery sky.)

(Asuka crying) [11 sec.]

(Child-Asuka is sitting on a fallen tree.)

[02:12:00, 2006]

(Someone costumed like Asuka's puppet sits down next to her and gently caresses her head.

They take off the head piece, revealing Kensuke's face.)



It's alright.




Asuka is Asuka.

That's more than enough.




(An adult Asuka wakes up.

Lying upon a sandy beach with red waves breaking upon it,

she looks up toward the lazily revolving celestial body.)


Was I asleep?

(She looks to her side.)


Stupid Shinji...

[02:12:29, 2012]


I'm glad I could see you again.

I wanted to tell you something.

Thank you, for saying that you liked me.

I liked you too, Asuka.



(Asuka curls up, giving him her back. She's wearing a tattered plugsuit.)


Bye, Asuka.

Say hi to Kensuke for me.


Princess, fare thee well.




(When she wakes up, she's inside an entry plug.

Eva-01 pulls a lever on Eva 13.

The entry plug flies off.)

[02:12:59, 2020]


Off she goes.

Won't you miss her, Shinji-kun?


No, I'm okay.

Now it's your turn, Kaworu-kun.




I remember now.

Again and again, I've come here to meet you.


Your name is listed in "The Book of Life", so we'll continue to meet, many more times.

I am you.

We're no different.

[NOTE: "Meet" (or, in this context, "meet with") is also "see" (as in a social context) and doesn't necessarily mean "meet for the first time".]


That's why I was drawn to you.

I wanted to make you happy.

[NOTE: SHIPPER WARS ALERT! Kaworu says 君にひかれた, "kimi ni hikareta", here. "~ ni hikareru" can mean "to be attracted to [person]", in that kind of way. It doesn't necessarily mean that, but there's a very strong possibility that it does. I'll let you form your own decision on the matter, though. That's the Eva way.]

(Beside the piano.)

[02:13:28, 2028]



You're so much like Father, Kaworu-kun.

That's why we piloted the same Eva as you.

[NOTE: A bit baffled on how to translate Shinji's initial "Sou" here. Would need to hear it, I think. The option I've taken for now should be taken as an "I hear ya" kind of acknowledgment.]


This is quite a change from the norm, Shinji-kun.

Will you not cry?



I'm the only one who's helped by my tears.

Me crying doesn't do that for anyone else.

So I won't cry anymore.

[NOTE: The verb 救う (sukuu), which I translated here as "help", also has the Christian meaning "to save", "to redeem", or "to deliver (from)". This is Eva, so... interpret accordingly.]


I see.

You're all grown up now.

A little sad, but that's okay too.

[02:13:58, 2037]



Evangelion 13, your Eva --

I'm thinking let's get rid of it.

[NOTE: I'm a little unclear as to whether Shinji is saying that he's thinking about doing something alone ("I'll get rid of it"), or if he's suggesting a mutual action ("let's get rid of it").]


Then relinquish the Eva I shall.

[NOTE: Kaworu's line is phrased as affirmation of something he just learned. Was weirdly difficult (for me) to phrase this in English so I had to get a little creative.]


I'm sorry.

(Kaji turns around.)


I didn't truly understand his happiness.



The happiness in question was yours, Commander Nagisa.


<You wanted to make Shinji-kun happy, right?

Meaning, you wanted to be happy.>

(Kaworu awakens on the Moon's surface.)


<My existence can only be erased by vacuum decay.

And so I am bound to eternally repeat my part within the predetermined toroidal narrative.