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Eva:3.0+1.0 Translation Pt.4

Updated: Jun 19, 2021


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Pilot of Eva-01.

There's something I want to show you.


A pitch-black giant is nailed to a cross.

There are two round eye holes in the white mask.)


It's... a black Lilith?

[01:52:59, 1739]


That's how it appears in your memory, it seems.

Evangelion Imaginary.

Predicted by Dr. Katsuragi, it is a fictitious Eva that doesn't exist in the lower world.

Only humanity, an organism that believes in truth and fiction equally, is capable of perceiving it.

[NOTE: "lower world" = 現世 = Buddhist concept; investigate further.]

(In front of the black giant, the two spears fly past each other.)


Together, the spears of hope and despair will become trigger and sacrifice.

Fiction and reality will melt together, becoming equal as everything is reduced to data.


(The entangled spears impale the giant's chest.

It turns pure white, and its hands pass through the nails that were holding them down.)


And thus an Additional Impact that rewrites one's Gnosis

— that is, the world — will begin.

[NOTE: "Gnosis" is a nerd translation of 認識 (ninshiki). This pedantry is intended in the same vein as Dan Kanemitsu translating 理 (kotowari) as "Logos". Have I succeeded at anything aside from confusing people, including myself? Dunno.]

(Eva Imaginary tumbles down.

Large amounts of fluid gush out from beneath the giant's feet,

and its upper body collapses into the swelling waves.

Shinji, standing stock-still, stares fixedly.)


It's the only way to make my wish come true.


[01:53:59, 1753]

(Airspace where Wunder and Nerv warships are hovering.

From the horizon line of the Gates of Guf, Lilith's white mask rises up like a full moon.

When about half of [Eva Imaginary] has come into view, the mask comes off, exposing the face of a giant Rei.

She opens eyes resembling light brown marbles wide, and pale blue hair ???s.)

Kitakami (?):

This is the Additional Impact?


Yes. In all likelihood, that is the Eva Imaginary.

Hard to believe that it's real.


It's weird!

[01:54:29, 1761]

(A wide-eyed Kitakami.

Rei's eye stares back.)


Nothing could be weirder!

(The eye blinks.)

{Shattering sound}

(A giant explosion fills the space, and a shining golden world comes into view.)


(The surface.

Golden light suddenly shines in from beyond the horizon.DRAFTJS_BLOCK_KEY:9b2ld

When the floating, headless Infinities are showered with the light, they turn into pure white Rei bodies.)

[01:54:53, 1765]

(A marching swarm of Infinities, too, turns into headless Reis and keeps walking.

Their white bodies completely cover the red earth.

They rise into the sky like a swelling cloud.)


(Nerv warship. Fuyutsuki is looking outside.)


Mmm. So it's starting at last.

(Feet approaching behind him.)


There you are.


It's been a while, Fuyutsuki-sensei.

[01:55:31, 1771]


Say... Isn't the L Barrier density too high on this ship?



It inherently lacks crew specifications.

I know it's futile.

People are constantly being filled with a light called "hope".

But it is also human nature to hold onto the sickness of hope,

and drown in it.

Both Ikari and I cling to that sickness far too tightly.

[NOTE: Hmm... Shinji is a "god of pestilence", Eva-01 is the "[Eva] unit of hope", hope is a "sickness"... What does Anno mean by this.]

[01:55:56, 1783]


Gendo-kun is trying to make his wish come true...

by putting himself at the center of Instrumentality.

I'd like to help out...

No. I have a request.

I do understand how you feel, Fuyutsuki-sensei,

but I don't want all humankind to be involved.


So it seems.

My role ends here.

The things you wanted have been gathered.

Handle the rest as you see fit,

(The monitor turns off.)


Mary Iscariot-kun.

[NOTE: The Japanese is "Ischariothe no Maria-kun" (イスカリオテのマリア君). "Maria" is how the Biblical name "Mary" is rendered in Japanese (and other languages, too, like Spanish). "Ischariothe no Juda" is how "Judas Iscariot" would be rendered. So I've naturalized it completely into the standard English forms used for the Bible.]



I haven't heard that name in a long time.

[01:56:29, 1801]


Well, this is goodbye, then.

(Fuyutsuki, left behind in the dark ship interior, gazes at a photo of Yui holding an infant.)


Yui-kun... will this suffice?

(His head bursts and LCL scatters.)


(The earth's surface, wrapped in white by the swarms of headless Reis.

The Rei bodies -- joined hand to hand high in the sky -- fly about in multiple circles.

The head of the Rei-shaped Eva Imaginary comes rising up from the horizon.)

*** [01:57:01, 1805]

{Sound of chains falling}

(Sparks flying and chains tumbling down into a hole.

From the operations block -- where a massive apparatus is being put worked on --,

a giant stretch of spinal column is put through the hole and dragged on down.)

[NOTE: This sounds dodgy and I can't even imagine what's supposed to be going on here. For the transcript, I have 「大型の機械が稼働する作業ブロックから 巨大な脊椎の連なりが 穴を通してずるずると下される」. Hear the audio also.]


It worked.

We can do this!


Captain, the crew here can handle the rest.



All hands, abandon ship.

{Warning sound}

(Sakura and other crew rush a stretcher through a corridor.)

Aoba (speakers):

All hands, abandon ship!

Repeat: all hands, abandon ship!

[01:57:31, 1811]

Aoba(?) (speakers):

Prioritize accommodating the wounded!

Hurry to the escape capsules!


(Above the Nerv warship.

(Guessing wildly where most stills in this scene go.)

Marks.10, 11, and 12 surround Eva-08+09.)


The full line-up of Eva Opfer Types,

a.k.a. the Adams' Vessels.

(Mark.10 opens up its mask.)


Just the finesse you'd expect from Fuyutsuki-sensei.

(A fireball comes flying.)


Sorry, but I need you guys...

(Cutting through the sky,

Eva-08+09 does a flying kick to the second fireball.

It punches Mark.10 in the face.

While grappling with Mark.10, it drops.)


...to become vittles for the overlapping.

Like so!

[01:58:01, 1825]

(When it bares its teeth, it throws its head far back and bites into Mark.10's head.)


Now we're 08+09+10!

(Mark.11 approaches in the background.

Eva-08+09+10 suddenly holds its hand up over its head.)




(A powerful A.T. Field is generated that expands three-dimensionally.

It transforms into a giant beast.

The jaws pop open and it devours the top half of Mark.11.)



(Mark.10 drops with a thud nearby.)

[NOTE: No, that's not a mistake, the narrator really does say「 傍らでMark.10がバッタリと倒れる」. Why are Mark.10's uneaten remains dropping when you'd expect 11's to be doing that? I dunno.]

(Three halos manifest from Eva-08+09+10+11's back.

Mark.12 shrinks away.)

[01:58:30, 1833]


Alright, let's go for the last one!


(Inside Wunder.)


Closing hatches on first four escape capsules.

Those still on board, please hurry to capsule 5!

(Nagara inside a capsule. She contacts the secured lock.)


I'm going back to my post after all.


Surviving is our job now.

No matter how tough it gets.



Misato from behind, standing alone.)

Ritsuko (comms):

Captain, the rearrangement work is complete.

I think this should do the trick.

[01:59:00, 1841]



Reroute all steering systems to the captain's chair.

After that, hurry and leave the ship.




Misato (comms):

Somebody sure as hell has to do this.



And the person in charge of this ship is me.

(She takes off her sunglasses.)


Misato (comms):

I leave the survivors and the children in your hands, Ritsuko.


Understood, Misato.

I'll give it my best.



Thank you.


[01:59:29, 1849]

(The same pattern as the sealing pillars appears on the capsules.

The boosters ignite.

The five capsules protruding from the center of the hull shoot up one by one, and they leave the ship behind.

Wunder sees the five white streaks off. The capsules become tiny specks and vanish far in the distance.)


(Misato, with the photo of her son beside her.)


There's not much reserve electromagnetic force left.


that in the end we'd be relying on...

(She frees up the hair on the back of her head.)


...the reaction engine from long ago.


(She removes the cover and pushes the switch.

The main nozzles spew flame.

(This might not go here...)

While emitting pinkish light, Wunder takes off.)

(A silhouette resembling a bird with its wings spread drifts into the distance.)


(Above the Gates of Guf, Mari's Eva emits light.

The Nerv warships are engulfed in massive explosions.

All three ships go down.)

[02:00:32, 1853]


The Lilin won't use you guys anymore.

Sleep well, Adams.

(She gazes into the distance.)


The Wunder's started moving.

Guess I'll hurry and join up.

But still...

Humanity's physical and mental complementation,

(Giant Rei is below her.)


being invoked at the same time...

Gendo-kun, are you really doing this?

[NOTE: She just says 「ゲンドウ君 君は…」, so everything after the "you" is implied.]

*** (He is!)


Father, what do you want from this?

[02:00:56, 1860]


A world of the human mind, where there is no A.T. Field, and all things exist in harmonious unity...

a world you did not choose.

Without differences between people.

Without class disparity, discrimination, strife, cruelty, pain, or sorrow.

A world comprised entirely of cleansed souls.

And a world of serenity where I will meet Yui again.


(Inside Gendo's mind.)


<Yui... Yui... Yui... Yui!>

(At college, a hotel, the hospital, etc., there are the figures of plugsuit-clad girls.)


<Yui! Yui, where are you?

Where are you, Yui?!>

[02:01:30, 1869]


<Is there nothing but Rei here?

Where are you? Where can I find you, Yui?!>



Father, just stop already.



Why are you here, Shinji?


Because I want to know you, Father.

I never tried to get closer, even when I felt lonely.

I was scared to find out you really hated me.

But now I want to know.

About you, Father.

[NOTE: Not 100% on 「嫌われているのが はっきりするのが怖かったんだ」. What I put down makes sense in context, at least.]

[02:02:01, 1877]

(Shinji approaches.

A rainbow-colored barrier appears before Gendo.)


An A.T. Field.

Coming from the me who abandoned his humanity?

[NOTE: Verb here is implied. (発生される? 展開される? I dunno.) Japanese is just 「A.T.フィールド 人を捨てた この私に?」.]