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Eva:3.0+1.0 Translation Pt.3

Updated: Jun 24, 2021



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We've lost all signals from N-Eva-02!

Status of pilot unknown!

(The hull is engulfed in an explosive orange blaze.)



Auxiliary N2 engine badly damaged!


Hyuga (?):

Damn it, what now?!

(A giant shadow appears on the full monitor.

It's ramming into the ship from below.)


Something Eva-like.

It's holding fast to us!

(The humanoid weapon that's upside down on the bottom of the ship starts to walk slowly.)


Pattern blue.

An Eva Opfer Type.


So they rebuilt the Mark.09, pilot and all!

(Mark.09, having finally arrived at ??, places its hands down.

Its hands, turned blue and syrupy, slowly ooze into the hull.)


This is bad!

The ship internals are being physically corroded!


Get it out! Hurry!


[01:29:58, 1412]


We're on it, but...

It's intruding too quickly; we can't catch up!

(The blue goo approaches Ibuki. She closes the hatch.)



(Warning display on the monitor. The ship's name changes to Buße.)


Mark.09 broke through the VD wall!


No good! Controls have been completely taken over!

(The control tower is forcibly removed; Misato and the others are driven out of the bridge.)





(Control of door locks on the ship is lost.)


(Explosion-proof isolation ward. The lock is disengaged, and the door to Shinji's room opens slightly.)


(Control tower. Takao.)


Guess this thing's been done in.

[NOTE: Original is 「こいつは やられたな」. Referring to the Wunder finally being taken by Nerv after a long fight?]


I'd expect no less from Deputy Commander Fuyutsuki.





Warship 4 is descending slowly.

Wunder, which was being impaled where the main wings meet the body, becomes free.

Wunder's body radiates faintly.

Beams are fired off from the three parabolic antennae.

Wings of light are formed above the four warships.)



The artificial recreation of Lilith,

along with the forced siphoning of the Black Moon into a spear.

The stage is set.

How will you perform the finale to come, Ikari?


(A human figure suddenly descends onto the Wunder.)




Intruder detected on the bow deck!

(Misato, her eyes fixed on the monitor.)


Commander Ikari!


(Quarantine chamber.)

(Shinji opens his eyes. He rises, holding the music player.)


(Mari inside Eva-08, hanging her head.)



Sorry, Princess.

It's the very epitome of shame.

This situation is a temporary setback, I guess.

(She jumps clear of the spear tip that comes rushing down from above.

The levitating Nerv HQ is pulverized by a direct hit by the Black Moon-turned-spear.)


(Wunder's deck.)


Long time no see,

[01:31:31, 1430]

(A certain someone with black goggles, looking up into the sky, turns his head.)


Commander Ikari.

(He and Misato facing off, standing at a distance from each other.)


Your efforts up to this point are appreciated, Colonel Katsuragi.

We will use this ship as planned.


(He takes a gunshot in the goggles.

Ritsuko, standing behind Misato.)


It's you...

Uncompromising as ever.

Zero hesitation where your objectives are concerned.

(She has a handgun at the ready.)



Things I learned from you.


[01:32:01, 1438]

(Gendo, his head thrown back, collapses.

Ritsuko, the muzzle of her gun still aimed.)

Ritsuko (?):


(Gendo picks up his scattered brain tissue and puts it back into the hole in his head.)


Gods are bound by nothing.

(??? a glowing crevice.)


They simply roll with whatever comes their way.


Ikari Gendo,

you wanted to use the Key of Nebuchadnezzar and throw your humanity away?!


I merely appended my body with data transcending the Logos of this world.

Without issue.

[01:32:30, 1445]

(Eva-02's head drops onto the deck.)


(Eva 13 alights behind Gendo.)

Misato & Ritsuko:



Slaying God, I will weave humanity and the divine together...

[NOTE: But if you murder 'kami', how can you combine 'kami' with humanity? MAKE SENSE, GENDO!!!]


With the sacrifice of the Angels,

I will bring about humanity's evolution and complementation.


That's why you're treating Asuka like a disposable,

Ikari Gendo?!

[NOTE: Hard to streamline the first part. She says アスカを使い捨てる, literally "you're using and throwing away Asuka", like a product that's meant to be used once and then tossed.]


It's because the Ayanami and Shikinami Type pilots were prepped for this purpose from the very start.

Without issue.

(Eva 13 bites down on the entry plug ?inserted [in its mouth]?.)

[1:33:01, 1454]

(It awakens and its body glows white.

The Black Moon spear, the tip of which changed color to red, starts revolving and turning into core.

In the background, wings of light hover in the air.

The spear aims at the Gates of Guf that are yawning open below, and it drops down.

The Gates of Guf are penetrated by the spear.

The giant hole is expanded, and purple Eva Infinities gush out in swarms.

A swelling wall of purple approaches Ritsuko and the others on the deck.)


This is the commodification of humanity -- no, of the ancient life of this planet.

[01:33:30, 1456]


Converting all souls into core...

Making them assimilate with the Eva Infinities...

You've initiated Fourth Impact?!

(The Infinity swarm engulfs Wunder.)

[NOTE: Audio description is basically absent during Gendo's expo-dump -- annoying, but presumably Gendo doesn't give the AD guy a chance to say anything.]


That's right.

The ocean was purified via Second Impact.

The earth was purified via Third.

And souls will be purified through the Fourth.

[01:33:54, 1463]


The core forming the Eva Infinities is the soul made material.

The vessels of the species called humanity will be cast aside...

And its collective wisdom beckoned to an unsullied paradise...

With this, the final ceremony.


In exchange for the Second Impact,

your father, Dr. Katsuragi, verified the hypothesis he had proposed:

the Human Instrumentality Project.


I'm putting an end to my father's bullshit,

whatever it takes.

[01:34:25, 1471]


To humanity, who ate of the Fruit of Knowledge, God handed down two destinies.

Be destroyed by the Angels bestowed with the Fruit of Life;

or annihilate the Angels, supplant them, and turn ourselves into children of God, existing eternally without wisdom.

[NOTE: "Wisdom" here is "chie". "Fruit of Knowledge" is "chie no mi". Same word in Japanese, just so you don't get confused.]


We must choose one, or the other.

Nerv's Human Instrumentality Project is a resistance -- using the Adams -- to the God of Seele, they who chose the latter destiny.

However ephemeral, it's something worth doing in full.

[01:34:58, 1482]


We'll take a hopeful "Continue" over a despairing "Reset" via an Instrumentality Project that bows to God.


I believe in the wisdom and will of humanity;

it will overcome even God's power.

(She clutches the bandanna.)


It's a difference in how we perceive the truth.

The world is outside your notice, Colonel Katsuragi, much as Akagi-kun sees no way to be happy.

(Infinities overhead.)


Nothing in the human heart changes.

(They form into a giant purple cross.)


With this, all the horsemen are gathered.


(Gendo, who had been looking up, looks over his shoulder.

A powerful radiance is emitted from the center of his forehead.)


(The center of Wunder explodes.

Behind Gendo, a green-eyed Eva comes floating up.)


Now then, you will return Eva-01 to me from your custody.

(Gendo, his forehead brightened, turns his back.)



(Shinji perceptively taking in what's before him.

Misato and Ritsuko looking over their shoulders at Shinji.

With his back still turned, Gendo's feet take to the air,

and he rises toward Eva 13, which is glowing white and holding the two spears.)


(Misato and Ritsuko are looking up.

Gendo enters Eva 13's mouth.

Eva 13's mouth shuts.

When it raises itself up, it returns to its original colors.

Eva-01, being gently held against Eva 13's chest.)


(Eva 13 flies off, doing a somersault like it's bending backwards,

and goes diving headfirst into the Gates of Guf.)


(A giant swarm of Infinities, surging toward ground level.

The swell of purple becomes a tsunami and swallows up the ground.)


(It descends upon the houses and buildings.)


(Village outskirts.

The giant purple wave is being held back by the sealing pillars.)


(Kensuke stares at it, a camera in his hands.)

{Windows shaking}

(Toji's residence.

Hikari's father near a 1.8L bottle, stirring a sake cup.)

{Frightened voices}

(Toji, looking up at the purple wall on the roadside.)



We kept on going even after N3I.

Have faith in our fortunes and in Misato-san's Wille.

(Hikari holding Tsubame closely.)


(Wunder's deck. Ritsuko holding a tablet.)


Beyond the Gates of Guf lay negative space.

Wunder is incapable of affecting it.

Unfortunately, Wille has no way to stop the Instrumentality Project.

There's nothing more we can do.



I'll pilot Eva Unit-01.



(On the hull.

Eva-08 dropkicks onto Mark.09's head...)

[NOTE: Um, excuse me, AD guy, Eva-08's feet clearly land on Mark.09's back, not its head! Oh well...]




(...and quickly opens its mouth.

Mari, her eyes open wide.

Eva-08 bites off the other Eva's right arm, then transplants it to its own shoulder.

The arm regenerates.

Holding down the head of its prey, Eva-08 bites into the nape of Mark.0