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Arqa, Hasshin!

The Arqa Apocrypha finally launches!

With the Evangelion New Theatrical Edition, informally known as "Rebuild of Evangelion", coming to a close this coming January, it's an exciting time to be a fan. A bittersweet one, too. Our second trip on Hideaki Anno's wild ride will be over at last. After years of speculation, uncertainty, and bitter disagreement, we can all finally make up our minds about these movies without worrying how many installments are left.

If Anno is true to his word, Eva will get handed off to a new generation of directors and he will never touch it again. But, well -- Anno is a close friend and pupil of Hayao Miyazaki, who has infamously come out of retirement again and again to create more films, so perhaps we'll see something analogous take place with Anno. (Plus the Rule of Three demands one more Eva from him.) Whatever happens, it's sure to be interesting.

As for this blog and who I am... You may have seen the name "Reichu" around the Evasphere before. I'm one of the co-founders of EvaGeeks.org. and I was a fixture there since before it was "EvaGeeks", all the way back to 2004. (I've been an Eva fan since summer of 2000.) Although the timing is rather odd and inconvenient, I've finally decided to go my own way. If you were already a follower of my work, you can find it here from now on.

If "Reichu" doesn't ring any bells, and you have no idea what to expect: I've been an Eva fan since I first saw it in summer of 2000, an old-timer (20 years and counting) in the English-speaking Eva community, with a specialty in lore. My point of view has always been a little... different, and over the years this has helped me push communal thinking about the series into bold new directions. (Some of which are probably just taken for granted now.) I've produced some fairly notorious fan-art, but nowadays? I mainly write theory and analysis about Eva from both a holistic and detail-oriented perspective -- treating everything as interconnected and potentially important, striving to fit all of the little pieces together into one comprehensive picture. (Intertextuality and visual storytelling are big.)

I myself have tried to escape the pull of Evangelion many times, but its curse is a potent one. For now, there's still so much to learn that there's little true desire to escape, either. To those of us who feel bound to it, Eva is a gateway to endless explorations of the human psyche and the limitless ways we use imagination to define who and what we are.

As a general note, while Arqa will focus on my work, I do intend to feature guest pieces as well. Additionally, while the blog's focus will be more "serious" and analytical writings, expect to see some of my fan-art and fanfiction eventually, as well...

Next up, I'll start digging into the latest trailer that's dropped for Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0: Thrice Upon a Time. See you there!

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