I'll gradually expand this page as need arises.

Why did you leave EvaGeeks?

I was finally forced to realized that EvaGeeks was no longer recognizable as the entity I co-founded many years ago and that I no longer had any meaningful influence over its future. Rather than continue to pour work into a place that mostly brought me suffering, it simply made more sense to cut my losses and start over somewhere else.

Anything beyond that is a mere detail and, at this point, no longer important.

Will you ever return to EvaGeeks?

Of course one can never know for sure what the future holds. But when processing difficult life experiences, it can be quite pragmatic to speak in terms of the absolute, as this gives the mind much less leeway to fall back into destructive habits.


For that reason, my answer to the question is a flat "No".

Will there ever be any Neon Genesis articles?

Yes, absolutely! I'm focusing on NTE (a.k.a. "Rebuild") to start with, but once Shin Eva is out and things have settled down a bit, I intend to reappraise NGE from scratch and generate an abundance of shiny new analysis. And given all the intertextuality going on between NTE and NGE, some articles might appear even earlier than that! :D

Why is the site called "Arqa Apocrypha"? What does that even mean?

In selecting a title for the new site, I wanted to wear my identity on my sleeve, and this had everything I wanted. I used "Arqa" for being the sort of thing I peddle heavily in: obscure Evangelion lore that references some religious/spiritual tradition or another. (Arqa, also spelled Arka, is one of the Seven Earths in Jewish mysticism, and it was the name for the Black Moon until later in production. I'm honestly not sure why it was dropped, since the allusion still works in the final product, and "Arqa" sounds really cool.) "Apocrypha" I used on account of its wild drift in meaning over the centuries; applied to the site, then, it could be read as either a ludicrous declaration of self-importance (so, poking fun at how I can sometimes come across), or humble acknowledgment that canon is canon and I am merely a fan.


"Arqa Apocrypha" is also a tongue-twister and I thought that was funny.