Net Name: Reichu
3D Name: Rachel Clark
Age: As old as Millennials get
Sex: The one that generates the bigger gametes
Gender: NB Woman
Pronouns: she/her
Location: Northeastern US

I first saw Neon Genesis Evangelion back in autumn of 2000, and I've been a fan ever since. I've participated in the online fan scene since 2003, finding my first home at the now long-gone Eva sub-forum at AnimeNation. I was invited onto the EvaMonkey.com forum staff back in 2005. In 2007, the fall of AnimeNation prompted an exodus, and EvaGeeks.org was co-founded by yours truly. There I remained until the end of summer 2020, when it became apparent it was once again time to move on. So here we are.


My relationship with Eva is complicated. The unique world that Anno and his team crafted resounded with my mind in a very profound, intimate way. I suppose it provided an ideal fictional framework for making sense of myself and the universe. On its face, of course this sounds very silly, but it can't be underestimated how important narrative is to the human animal. Stories that serve both personal and social functions are especially important. Eva has been a way for me to explore my mind, discover what I think and what interests me... and it's also been great social lubricant for an Aspy shut-away.

Due to my pedantic, detail-oriented mind; broadly associative thinking patterns; and creative inclinations, I've gained a reputation over the years for speculation and analysis that tends to push against what's popular, into new and unexplored territories. On the flip side of this, so much of the once-radical thinking I fought tooth and nail for many years ago has fallen into the realm of "shit everyone takes for granted" -- so, paradoxically, my work is both radical and dogmatic at the same time! It's incredibly confusing, as you can imagine, and it's simpler to just not worry about such things and to keep on doing what I've always done.​ In addition to that, I'm an avid writer of creative fiction, and -- though not as active as I once was -- I'm a visual artist as well. Predictably, much of this is Eva-related. I have a couple of unfinished Eva stories up at AO3, and a rather neglected fan-art blog on tumblr. My work seems to provoke somewhat polarized reactions, which is fine by me -- provides a generally good indication of who's on the same wavelength, as it were. I might share some of my creative work here on occasion, just to mix things up. We'll see.

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